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Cars & Vans
To Book A No Obligation FREE Quotation Contact Michael Via Phone On 07952 299243 Or Via My Contact Me Page
we can collect and remove your scrap car, motorcycle or scrap van. It will be then dismantled and sorted ready for the recycling process after which it is sent to manufacturers as raw materials.

Collection And Removal
 Cars And Vans Of All Conditions Scrapped
 Motor Bikes Of All Conditions Scrapped
 3 Wheeled Cars Of All Conditions Scrapped
 Scrap Motor Vehicles
 Quad Bikes Scrapped
 Scooters For Scrap
 Disposal Of Scrapped Cars
 Motor Cycles To Be Scrapping
 Free For All Cambridge Area

Car & Van Parts Collection
 Battery Removal, Collection And Recycling
 Starter Motors
 Cylinder Heads
 Alloy Wheels
 Axles And Shafts
 Metal Wheels
 Suspension system
 Air conditioning refrigerators

Battery Collection
Scrap batteries are classed as hazardous waste. If car  batteries are not removed by a person or company licensed to legally  remove and safely dispose of old batteries you can receive up to a  £1,000 fine.
We are fully Licensed.

Other Vehicles Taken
We also collect and remove vans, commercial vehicles and motorbikes. If you're not sure give us a call. Same day free collection most of the time

 Car Body Panels
 Steel Car Rims
 Car Wheels
 Car Engines
 MOT Failures
 Insurance Write Off's

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